Project Kalos

Kalos is a personal fitness mobile application that will help you reach your fitness goals efficiently while avoiding injury.

Kalos Understands How You are Currently Exercising...

Kalos understands information from multiple sensors to help you make sure you are exercising correctly and effectively. For our 1.0 release, Kalos is currently optimized for the weighted barbell squat, one of the most popular and effectively exercises of all time.

...And Knows How You Can Improve

Kalos will observe all aspects of your weight lifting form- how many times you lifted a given weight, how fast you moved that weight, your positioning of the weight and even your weight and pressure distribution throughout the lift, to give you a comprehensive understanding about how you exercise. After understanding this information, Kalos will be able to make recommendations for you to correct your form and further optimize your workout.

Technology and Architecture

At the core of Kalos is the state-of-the-art IOT mobile application engine, EVOThings. With it, Kalos is able to use information from a variety of sensors to track all of an athlete's movement information with respect to the weight being used.

Kalos Sensor

Kalos uses the CC2650STK inertial measurement unit developed by Texas Instruments to capture all inertial information about an athlete's movement in three dimensions. The sensor can be used with any kind of weight as it is designed to easily adhere to any kind of weight that can be found at the gym. You won't even notice it's there.

Kalos Platform

Kalos also utilizes a proprietary sensor pad machined in-house that can be integrated into any kind of weight lifting platform to understand your weight and pressure distribution throughout the lift.

A Companion for Life, in the works.

Please note that Kalos is currently still in Closed Beta. Look out for our kickstarter campaign in the months to come as we prepare for large scale manufacturing and distribution of our hardware technologies. We currently have plans to release the mobile application for iOS and Android.

In the future, Kalos will continue to develop it's platform to incorporate a wider variety of biometric sensors and data analytics tools to further optimize its capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates!

Please note that Kalos is pending patent pending.